Hydro for Hunger is a dedicated fund-raising initiative that began in 2002. Through this program, we’re raising awareness about global food shortage issues and the vital humanitarian efforts of the Institute of Simplified Hydroponics.

The Institute of Simplified Hydroponics is a 501-C (3) not-for-profit and the sole beneficiary of the Hydro for Hunger initiative. Utilizing on-site instruction and interactive training programs created by the Institute, the organization educates in-need communities around the world to become self-sufficient using fundamental hydroponic gardening methods.

With the help of independent hydroponic manufacturers, merchants, and hobbyists, Hydro for Hunger has raised more than $375,000 to date. The goals of the Institute of Simplified Hydroponics are achievable, and with assistance from you, the results could be revolutionary.

The mission of the Hydro for Hunger program is to raise awareness about global food shortages and the issues surrounding world hunger.

In addition, Hydro for Hunger solicits and directs financial and in-kind donations to the 501-C (3) Institute of Simplified Hydroponics, Hydro for Hunger’s sole beneficiary.

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